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Black Female-Led Startup Jetpack Takes off With Equity Crowdfunding

Providing consumer products to customers anytime they need, Jetpack is a “last mile,” on-demand service with delivery times often less than 15 minutes.

Hidden figures: How Silicon Valley keeps diversity data secret

When the popular messaging platform Slack won a fastest-rising startup award last year, the company sent four black female engineers to accept it.

Meet The 14th (Ever) African-American Female Founder To Raise $1M

Raising capital is an arduous journey that few entrepreneurs successfully complete. Add a female founder at the helm, and chances of success decrease significantly.

This NYC Startup Just Raised $7.5M to Ensure Diversity in Hiring

Diverse teams outperform non diverse ones by 35%. African Americans are 16% less likely to get invited to job interviews. The largest search engine in the world only employs 1% African Americans

Black Women Are Fastest Growing Group of Female Entrepreneurs

The Nielsen Company’s latest consumer report reveals that, despite institutional barriers that disproportionately separate them from venture capital, Black women’s entrepreneurial strength is growing

Ikea has bought TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit, the on-demand platform for hiring people to do everything from build furniture to stand in line for you at the Apple Store, has sold.

Lionel Richie says “Hello” to startup investing

Lionel Richie, the multi-platinum record selling singer-songwriter, has been bitten by the startup bug. Richie is joining a slew of other prominent celebrity investors.

How to Reprogram Yourself for Greater Success

How you can change the three essential parts of your self-concept to achieve what you want.

5 Resources To Help Minority Startup Founders

The startup scene is still struggling with diversity, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your own business plans on hold.

This 17-Year Old Black Entrepreneur’s Beauty Brand is Worth Almost $500K

Zandra Cunningham, the founder and CEO of Zandra’s Beauty, an all-natural skincare line, started her company when she was just 9-years old.