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This Technology Veteran Launched A Cryptocurrency To Help Grow Black-Owned Businesses

Technology veteran and “mompreneur” Tavonia Evans decided to create and launch $Guap Coin – the very first initial coin offering (ICO) aimed at recycling wealth within the black community.


These venture capitalists are not only some of the top investors in the investment community but many of them are committed to spending dollars with black-owned companies. Below are their names….

This NYC Startup Just Raised $7.5M to Ensure Diversity in Hiring

Diverse teams outperform non diverse ones by 35%. African Americans are 16% less likely to get invited to job interviews. The largest search engine in the world only employs 1% African Americans

Black Women Are Fastest Growing Group of Female Entrepreneurs

The Nielsen Company’s latest consumer report reveals that, despite institutional barriers that disproportionately separate them from venture capital, Black women’s entrepreneurial strength is growing

Lionel Richie says “Hello” to startup investing

Lionel Richie, the multi-platinum record selling singer-songwriter, has been bitten by the startup bug. Richie is joining a slew of other prominent celebrity investors.

15 Black Startup Founders Making Great Strides in Tech

My mother always told me growing up that “If you want something done well, do it yourself.” I write stories about founders & investors from diverse backgrounds to address the lack of tech inclusion.

27-Year Old Black Entrepreneur Raises $7.2 Million in Just 3 Days

Atlanta-based Patientory, the company behind an advanced healthcare app, has raised $7.2 million in a very successful online Blockchain token sale (not via Kickstarter, as previously reported).

Silicon Valley’s blind spots are costing venture capitalists huge opportunities

In 1991, ten-year-old Jerry Nemorin and his family escaped civil war in Haiti and resettled in Florida. Jerry’s first experience with the US financial system was when his mom tried to buy a car.

11 African Tech Startups To Watch in 2017

According to The Knights Foundation report: Diversifying Investments, just 1.1 percent of the $71.4 trillion assets under management across the world is in the hands of women and minority-owned firms.

Shortage of VC funding, not of black entrepreneurs

The US has no shortage of black entrepreneurs. The shortage rather is one of funding for black entrepreneurs, says Monique Woodard of 500 Startups.